Radical Feminist’s White Feminism Problem

For easy reference, since some are having trouble going through this entire page, I am creating key side pages with the most damning evidence though there is a lot more below on the main page. Links above can take you to these pages by clicking on them.

A primary tenet of Radical Feminism is Anti Racism yet to date, though I have asked quite a number of times for white organizers and leaders to point me in the direction of even just one Radical Feminist group which is Well Integrated with plenty of Radical women of color participating, expressing an experience of respite from racism within the group, feelings of being supported, heard, and valued & satisfaction that they are represented to the fullest in all functions and roles within Radical Feminist Organization, I have yet to learn about a group such as this.

Aside from the sheer absence of well-integrated groups, I have conversed with a considerable number of Radical Feminist woc sisters over the past 4 or 5 years who across the board have all related that their experiences within Radical Feminist circles, both on facebook and in real life, have involved deep frustration, sadness, degradation, heartbreak, upset, distress & complete apathy towards their life experiences & oppression. In otherwords, these women are collectively reporting and describing having found themselves in an abusive relationship with white women proclaiming to be feminist’s working on liberation of women.

These factors have led me to understand that Radical Feminism has a major problem with white feminism, one so pervasive that it is not an over-exaggeration to state that Radical Feminism has largely either been hijacked by women seeking to maintain white supremacy via white bully culture, or perhaps True Radical Feminist movement never existed in reality on a collective or group level.  In any case there is a deep necessity to get the bottom of the Racist problem since the Liberation of Women depends on the dismantling of all Authoritarian Structures. In collaboration with my Radical Feminist sisters Tracy Neal, Sanaz Ahmadi, Jana Cornell and Tanya Tanner we were able to delineate some of the most distinguishing & pervasive attributes of white feminism.

Defining White Feminism

White Feminism is a systemic manifestation of racism whereby white women collectively establish & work to maintain a Hierarchy which elevates them to the top. White feminism utilizes white Social Standards to ensure white women’s ideas, contributions and voices remain dominant and at the forefront at all times. It contends that the white woman’s work is of greater value than the work of woc. Anti Racism is not identified or qualified as “work” or a valuable contribution at all, much less a necessary one, in white feminism. Racial Feminist woc and white anti racist allies are categorized as disruptive and divisive for raising the issue of racism.

White feminism’s leaders establish the tone & where discussions of racism arise, white feminists rally to defend their important leader, by way of white Bully culture, in efforts to ensure the white supremacy remains firmly in place & is reconfirmed throughout the community whenever women of color raise the issue of racism.

Also, “white feminism is deeply aligned with the black male patriarchy in that both groups see black women as inferior beings that need to be led.” (Tracy Neal, 2018)  In this regard, white women assert that they shall define racism & determine the way forward when it comes to race relations. Finally, white feminism is Anti-Feminism since it employs Authoritarianism & other Patriarchal means to achieve it’s ends.

Tokenizing and Objectification of WOC

Tokenizing women of color is a very insidious form of racism within white feminism where black women are essentially equal to chattel within the white Feminist’s mindset, the women to be worked and used in order to prove and sustain white superiority. The white feminist/White Feminist organizations very often engage in efforts to appear Anti Racist in order to protect the ability to engage in racism covertly. One such tactic seen in groups is to select a few woc whom are assigned a position or more rarely, allowed a platform at an event.  While these actions are also indicative of Anti Racism/True Radical Feminism, what distinguishes the actions of white Feminist from Anti Racist’s in possession of a sincere willingness to ensure all women are liberated within our own Radical Feminist groups, are the conditions with which a woc must meet in order to maintain this position “given” to them by White Feminists, beginning with a willingness to be led.

The term “given” here is also important as it is an expression of the fact that most resources are within the hands of white feminists, an all important factor in white Feminism which I will touch on at a later point.

A willingness to uphold white social standards and willingness to attend to white fragility, most especially by never mentioning racism, are expectations commonly reported by woc who have found themselves on the receiving end of white Bully culture once they spoke up about racism.

One Radical Feminist of Color whom I met expressed this regarding woc tokenized by white feminists “Even when they lick their boots they are still walked all over and only brought in to prop up white feminist arguments”. Another black Radical Feminist stated to me  “I bullied out of my own group. White women ganged up on and bullied me, most sided with the white woman who ultimately took my group”.

Another Anti Racist Radical feminist states “more recently, during one of the meetings we had to organise the LRA public meeting, one of the founders was making a list of women we could invite on the platform. After listing a dozen of white lesbians, she said “We need a Black lesbian!”, followed by “What about XXX?” (basically, referring to the only black lesbian she knows) and “on top of the fact that the group as a whole completely ignores the issues faced by lesbians of colour and that it does not actively seek to include them, several members of the group actively reproduce racism within lesbian feminism.”

In numerous instances that I am personally aware of white feminism has revealed itself when the organizer finds themselves in a position in which they are called upon to attend to the racism of a group member/s or to unpack their own racism. In these instances while these white feminist organizers have very often worked to develop Anti-Racist policies, the outcome of confrontations surrounding racism result in the outright dismissal of  woc’s reports that the group is a hostile environment for her, dismissal or ousting of the woc and almost always the harboring of racists. Oftentimes White Feminist Organizers can be heard lamenting about the fact that there are no women of color in their group yet it is their very own actions within the group setting which destroyed those opportunities for true integration & ensured that white feminism remains fully intact within their groups.

We see this too on the individual level with some white feminists working to appear Anti Racist. Often it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a real Anti Racist and a woman who is appointing herself as the “protector” of a specific woc/women of color. These women are very well versed on Anti Racism, can be seen as members of their local Anti Racist groups and routinely appear on threads to take an Anti Racist stance where women in Radical Feminist circles engage in more overt forms of racism on social media platforms.

These white feminists also work to develop real relationships with “their” woc, however the primary difference reveals itself in situations which involve a need to take an Anti Racist stand within the friendships they value and work to maintain with Racist White Feminists.  In these cases these women can be found taking contradicting stances Saying one thing to the woc while also simultaneously supporting the very racists giving the woc so much grief. Oftentimes woc report that they had to address something these types of White Feminists misusing Anti Racism posted at various points which contradicted Anti Racism or that they felt uncomfortable about a position this woman took at one point or another, though they felt conflicted since the woman was also engaging in some ally-ship.

There is another type of white feminist who also appears to be Anti Racist. In keeping with Tracy Neal’s insight that White Feminism is in alignment with the black male patriarchy, these particular women often share many posts centered around the experiences of black males.  Since this too is a form of Anti Racism it might not be easy to spot that this type of White Feminist rarely works to discuss the Racism and Oppression woc experience and face.  This Centering of black males reveals the White Feminists allegiance to Patriarchy whereas True Radical Feminists work to Center women of color since they are the most oppressed humans on the planet  and women. I saw many of these types of white feminists reveal themselves when I called out Laurin Crosson, a white woman & con artist who claims to be black. Crosson aligns herself with Patriarchy and many of these particular types of White Feminists defended her to the hilt while ignoring her female victims altogether, some of whom were woc.

True Radical Feminist Anti Racist’s are in admission that all white humans are racist. They have a real life praxis of Anti Racism and do not draw lines based on friendship, white code, politics, etc, rather they are willing to unpack their own racism and confront it wherever it rears it’s ugly head. They trust that their friends are the type of women with an Anti racist praxis too. Anti Racist’s have reached a realization that they do not want to be in relationship with racist women therefore they are able to move forward without attachment to particular outcomes.

White Bully Culture

When a woc raises the issue of racism the outcome has become so predictable that the woc or Anti Racist is rarely surprised by responses of white feminists once they have been calling out racism for a bit. Like other abusers, they all seem to read from the same handbook and are very predictable.

To begin the white feminist’s response is almost immediately defensive. Oftentimes her response is entirely disproportionate to the woc’s actual inquiry or comment. For example meeting a woc’s sadness or fears about trusting white women with a tone indicative of speaking to a speck of dirt on her shoes in other words, a response which is unduly hostile in relation to the woc’s question, comment or tone. This is white fragility. White fragility is not indicative of a meek or fragile response, it is in fact a very aggressive response to woc. Fragility describes the state of the white feminist’s ego when called out on her inhumane behaviors.

Once the White Feminist ally’s arrive they support the White Feminist’s aggressive behavior, never calling her out even if she speaks to the woc in a most inhumane way. Conversely, the woman of color is chastise, berated and accused of being aggressive, being mean or bullying the white feminist even for raising the issue of racism itself but most especially if she ever tires of or responds to the white feminist’s aggression by expressing upset, frustration, irritation or any other entirely rational emotional response to bullying.

Next, the woc is expected to provide proof and substantiate every single statement. WOC and Anti racists are so aware of this demand that we never even raise issues until we have substantial receipts with which to prove that racism is occurring. When proof is offered White Feminists work staunchly to maintain that no proof submitted has been solid enough or valid. Conversely, white feminists are Never required to substantiate anything they claim, most especially accusations they hurl at woc or Anti Racists calling them out on their racism. Using this double standard white feminists render all white feminists accused of racism Not Guilty and woc Guilty each and every time.

The next stage is to punish the “guilty” party. A solid example of White bully culture is when women of color are promptly & routinely instructed to stop interfering with White Feminist’s Work. They are routinely scolded/chastised for failing to trust that White Feminists will achieve the woc’s liberation. Underlying these attitudes and behaviors is intolerance towards woc, as well as a conditioned perception and belief that the White Voice, Ideal, Mind & Way is Superior.  Very often woc raising concerns of racism are asked “so what are you doing?”.In one instance a woc raising an issue of racism was told “if they don’t like the work of white feminists they can go make their own group.” WOC are subjected to micro aggression such as laugh emoji’s or saying over and over “Where’s the Proof?” “You have no evidence”, “You’re acting just like TRA’s”, etc.  Other forms of punishment involve name calling.

In all of these instances the white feminists are observed ruminating and raging over the woc’s and anti racist’s effort to root out racism. Statements ranging from “we have a right to think about and talk about our own ideas about it” to “these women are wrong about us” are all covert assertions made to express how infuriated she feels that her white privilege has not been adequately respected.

In the midst of confrontation the white feminist flaunts The White Feminist Ideal of “real work” in an effort to degrade the woc. White Feminists, particularly academics or politicians are often more than aware that woc do not control resources yet leverage the systemic funneling of resources to an all White Cast of Feminists, oftentimes class privileged white feminists, as evidence that Radical feminists of color are not only failing to make valuable contribution but are also disrupting & hindering the liberation of women.  There is no admission that resources are withheld from talented Radical woc whose contributions would be of high value & instead are continually forwarded to white women.

Yet another way that white bully culture is manifesting itself is in this effort on the part of white feminist focused on Gender Identity issues to develop a contention that woc who demand racism be addressed are asking for special privilege and essentially stealing the chance for liberation from women as a class, an argument I find particularly disgusting effort on the part of white feminist’s movement seeking to further codify their supremacist position. The development & promotion of this type of theory serves White Feminism in two critical regards, it allows racism to be dismissed during call outs and it codifies the white woman’s authority to control woc.

White Feminism is defined by arrogance. Though white feminist’s never experience racism themselves,  they deem themselves qualified to define it & to determine the parameters of discussions surrounding racism. WOC are expected to accept both the White Feminist’s definition of racism and the rules white feminists have established regarding race relations. WOC who fail to adhere to either of these dictates is accused of bullying the White Feminist and subsequently bullied by way of the methods I have outlined above.

As a white passing Native I have experienced this arrogance at work. Though I am a federally recognized Native woman and even provided proof of this, posting my Native card online as well as my registration certificate, many White feminists have gone to great lengths to assert their decision that I am not only not Native but that I am harming woc by being Anti Racist. They assert that since they have determined that I am not Native that I do not have the ability to comprehend or recognize racism when it happens. These women make these assertions though they have never had personal interactions with me & do not know anything about my life experiences.

Lies and Projections

I have put lies and projections in it’s own category because it is a real Hallmark of White Feminism. Since I begun documenting White Feminist’s and their racism these women have become deeply infuriated with me. Why would it infuriate a woman or group to have words said on a public social media thread be recorded? If there is a feeling of confidence that their stance is in the highest interest of all women then there too should be confident that a majority of women reading these exchanges words would glean them to be pristine yet these women are creating all sorts of fallacies, everything from accusations that their words have been twisted, to diagnosing, even accusations that the screenshots have been documented. I contend that White Feminist’s know this evidence reveals a very damning picture. White Feminism is a wholehearted devotion to the oppression of woc.

Recently during an Anti Racist effort within “Radical Feminist” we approached leaders Venice Allan and Posie Parker regarding their racist behaviors & statements. The conversation took place on the We Need To Talk Facebook Page. A few days into the conversation We Need to Talk Erases the Entire exchange. Thankfully we captured the bulk of it prior to this deceptive maneuver. This is a predictable step white feminists take to shut down and cover up these exchanges and all of the bullying taking place within them.  A number of other white feminists who inserted themselves into these conversation have also erased entire exchanges.

After Venice Allan erased the exchange we asked her if she intended to address the racism which took place on her page. She stated that she intended to put forth a statement yet she never produced any such statement. Another lie. And the white feminist are permitted to engage in lying without being held accountable within the White Feminist community. If the issue is ever raised as to failure to follow through excuses abound, again laying responsibility onto the “guilty party” for the white feminist’s failure to be accountable. This is so commonplace among White Feminism that Anti Racist Radical Feminists have learned that they must document these racist interactions, along with the predictable tactics and behaviors white feminists routinely engage in.
Doing this type of tedious and time consuming documentation requires not only a massive amount of effort but hours of labor. What is gained from taking on all of this free labor? I myself am a poor sole parent of a child who is in my care 24/7, we are barely surviving.  Not One Penny has been sent me by a single Radical Feminist. Radical Feminists who have class privilege do not even purchase my Native jewelry so there is no monetary gain in this. In fact I could argue that any chances of Class privileged women supporting my art flew out the window the moment I began to call out racism some years ago now. The contentions that I gain something by investing hours of time and energy into an endeavor which requires me to endure the most profane insults, lies, bullying and character assassinations & ensures I experience little to no support from the community as punishment for my having broken white code and rejected the “gift” of privilege for being white passing is downright preposterous, yet white feminists feast on these absurdities as though they are The World’s Finest Chocolate.

What gain is there to the woc who raise the issues of racism with White Feminists? They enter into the conversation knowing there is a high chance they will be mobbed and mauled by White Feminist’s so are they all crazy as well, gluttons for punishment? These Radical Feminist women of color not only already endure racism on a daily but they have taken particular stances which renders them as outcasts within their own communities. All Decolonizing humans are rendered outcasts by both White’s and poc collectively. For white feminist’s to ever even form their mouths to slam women working to address racism is disgusting enough, but they take it a step further to perpetuate outright lies. Again, many of these white feminists are erasing entire conversations. Anti Racists have to labor endlessly to ensure that they have proof of the racist encounter while white feminist’s are free to spread hurl malicious accusations and lies without ever being required to provide a shred of evidence. The white feminist Is Believed Unquestionably by the White Feminist Community.

Anti Racists do not hold out hope that our effort will even make a dent in White Feminism today. We realize this is systemic entrenchment and white feminist’s plan to fight to the death to remain in charge. There is no direct payoff for being Anti Racist, in fact it is very intense difficult work because white feminist’s work very hard to create & develop false narratives which render Anti Racist’s guilty of inhibiting the liberation of women.

Again, we consistently see White Feminists contending that Anti Racism is disruptive and that Anti Racists are working to divide women. This is a very manipulative tactic as these White Feminist’s make these claims while upholding & utilizing the very Patriarchal Ideals they claim to be dismantling measure and assign a value to what constitutes “real work”. They also engage in the misogynistic behaviors such as name calling, continual demands for real proof even after proof was provided, harrasment, eliciting tokenized women who are usually white passing to claim to be a real woc to discredit Anti Racists, while maintaining that they are the one’s being victimized.

There are a few exceptions, however almost all of the documented conversations or exchanges have occurred on public posts which means that anyone can go and read the entire exchange for themselves therefore the White Feminist is simply not credible.


At this point in time due to the pervasiveness of white Feminism within Radical Feminist Circles/Groups it seems the way forward must be a solid effort on the part of True Radical Feminists to keep and maintain solid records of White Feminism in order to both ensure historical accuracy and to also create documents & materials for young radical women who are less attached to white supremacy and wish to make real contributions and strides to manifest the liberation of women. This requires a dismantling of White Supremacy and sadly, this all too pervasive white feminism.