Rockstarr Ministries Expose of Laurin Crosson

Progress Update: It appears that website was taken down & no longer exists. When I do a search for Rockstarr Ministries no other new website comes up either. This is a solid result from this expose. While this page seemed to be re-established at a point it’s clear from what I have seen/heard & from this very recent post of Laurin’s that our expose is making a difference & people are starting to take notice that Laurin is unwilling to substantiate any of her claims. Laurin is asking for more money & making some statements here which do not make any sense to me & do not seem credible. I would like to see someone hold her accountable to provide evidence of this “new safehouse” and to explain how it would be possible to have a safehouse on an Alpaca farm since those are usually open to the public. Also I would like to see someone asking her to explain why shopping for new clothing & shoes is even on the table if there is no food to eat. She should also provide some kind of proof that she has a survivor flying in to stay with her. She can easily post a picture of a ticket stub with any personal info blacked out. I strongly advise not donating money without solid proof. I feel confident to say that her request for money is simply for herself. The clothing sizes (aside from pants) are sizes she likely fits into herself. 


This document has been created in hopes that women considering going to Rockstarr Ministries house, Laurin Crosson’s house, or women considering placing survivors in this woman’s care may have solid information to understand this is not a safe idea. Also I created this document to call into question all of Laurin’s claims. From my perspective after pouring over all of her stories & records I have come to believe that her “Sex Trafficking Survivor Story” including her “Pimp” stories are for the most part completely made up. I have provided the evidence here to help you see how I reached that conclusion. 

Laurin was made aware that we were requesting proof of her claims. Specifically we asked Laurin to provide 1.) Proof of her prostitution record (she claims 30 charges in her name prevent her from getting a job Note: We are in po2.) Proof she is half Black 3.) Proof of her claims to be fighting for two young girls in court (this is relevant since she continually asks for donors to fund her on this matter) 4.) Proof of her Award winning porn film and 5.) Proof of her claims to have rescued 75 Women, Mostly Black women in 3 years or 65 in Two Years.


NOTE: At Every Point I have stated that I will Retract Any statement I have made that Laurin proves to be untrue.  For those of you who follow Laurin or are on her pages you will notice that her only responses to all of this are to claim she is being trashed, that we are enemies & other insinuations that most of the people on her page don’t actually even understand since many are not aware of what is actually going on. So one can notice this is yet more manipulation. Laurin put herself into the limelight in this community & with the press so her claims that she doesn’t need to actually provide the kind of evidence that would clear up any misunderstandings is simply incorrect. If Laurin cares about the community as much as she claims then she would have worked & done everything she can to clear these matters up straight away.

I met Laurin Crosson on Facebook. She was mutual friends with feminist whom I know & also in some of the same FB groups I belonged to. Being an Exited woman myself & someone who supports Nordic Model we became FB friends. Right away I noticed Laurin is very religious & because I am not so much I never really interacted with Laurin very often, however I was paying attention to some of her posts because she seemed like a con artist to me early on. 

Months later I saw some of my feminist friends passing around a quote of hers with her company logo. I did not believe her to be an Award Winning Porn star. I decided to do a google search at that time. While I was able to find considerable records of Award Winning Porn stars even during the early 90’s there is no record of Laurin Crosson being an award winning porn star.

When asked the name of the porn film she “won the award for” Laurin did not answer. Her refusal to even provide the name of this film or the company who filmed it is a major red flag in terms of the validity of her claims. 
Within about 10 seconds of typing in the words Laurin Crosson a Fraud into google, this document came up: . What I found here was very disconcerting. Claims to be Black. Completely conflicting accounts of her story. Expired Business License. Comments on some of the articles themselves stating this woman is a fraud. A video of a Black Woman in Utah expressing deep upset about Laurin’s claims to be Black, have been racially profiled & use of the N word among groups of women. No evidence of the 30 prostitution charges she claims. Deep problems with her story, especially claims of being trafficked & under the control of a pimp for years, by some accounts 15 yrs. Other accounts 20+ years. Her promotion of the N word is substantiated by another post I happened on in another search:

n word

And here’s another (more down below)

and another one:

The above twitter thread (which is translated below)  is proof of how imperative it is for Survivor community to vet women who are being interviewed by the press about Sex Trafficking.  Frauds like Laurin Crosson jeopardize the movement to no end. Here her over the top stories cannot be verified. Here in this very thread Laurin is linked to Gail Dines (in one of the articles listed here) & used to destroy the credibility of the Anti Porn movement. No one can verify Laurin’s claims & that she refuses to substantiate them herself renders our whole community vulnerable to attacks.

laurin fraud

laurin fraud1

laurin fraud2

laurin fraud3

laurin fraud4

laurin fraud5

During this process I have come to hear from many women. A picture of Laurin Crosson has emerged which is alarming since she has engaged in continual bullying behaviors. She ensures her lifestyle through methods of bullying & intimidation, usually women who are poor themselves. We also now have multiple reports of her having re-traumatized survivors attempting to exit prostitution. Also, most disturbing is the fact that Laurin Crosson was known to be doing crack with another survivor who overdosed on the very night of her death. As with most of her stories, Laurin tells a story of herself as a hero & a GPS sleuthing miracle worker that night but in reality Laurin was a participant which is why she “found” the woman’s body. As you will see down on this page in Laurin’s own words from 2012, she was in a relationship with a drug user, so it makes sense that Laurin also uses drugs herself. We also know that Zina Petersen’s son (the Director of Rockstarr Ministries) spends a lot of time over at the “safe house” indulging in the weed they purchase with donor money. 

In light of the fact that Laurin & Zina Petersen have been lying about the NGO (Nonprofit status) & continuing to solicit for donations for this organization which hasn’t been registered since 2015, we are alarmed that she has been allowed to get away with all of this for so many years now. Additionally, the discrepancies in her story cause further alarm since this woman has virtually made a living telling a sex trafficking story which seems to bear little to no truth at all. Below I will share lots of evidence of all that I have said so you can understand for yourself. This woman has been interviewed & quoted even by many major news outlets. We are seeking to stop this woman from harming anyone else. Note: If you read the comment you will also learn that the woman who wrote the original wordpress document in 2015 also spoke to Zina and other board members explaining that they were engaging in illegal business activities. 

Laurin has not been registered with the State of Utah since 2015. 


She also has not filed any taxes for this business.  irs

Notice: Ruling Year is the year Rockstarr Ministries was granted Nonprofit status. So she never filed taxes at any point.

All donations have been collected into Zina Petersen’s personal bank account from what I can tell. There is no bank account in Rockstarr Ministries Corp from what I have heard. This is illegal.

Also these women have conducted fundraisers in Rockstarr Ministries name for private use, such as to cover Laurin’s medical bills. Also illegal. We learned today 4/16/2018 that she finally did take down the Nonprofit status off of her website two weeks after we confronted her. 

It sounds like ANYONE in Utah soliciting donations MUST register with the state, regardless of whether or not they apply for or receive 501(c)(3) status:

“Special Note: the non-profit incorporation status does not guarantee that your organization will be granted tax-exempt status, nor does it ensure that your contributors can deduct their gifts from reported personal income. But non-profit incorporation is generally a pre-requisite to applying to the Internal Revenue Service for preferential tax status. To apply for tax-exemption for your corporations, and tax deduction privileges for your supporters, call or write to the nearest Internal Revenue Service office for the necessary forms.” … “Potential Incentive for Contributors: If your non-profit is granted tax-exempt status and can meet additional criteria, your donors and supporters may also be able to deduct their contributions to your organization from their personal income for federal tax purposes. Acquiring tax exempt status has proven helpful in creating incentives and in attracting support for non-profit corporation activities.”

So that would also mean that she is misleading donors even still on her website:

tax deductions

“Utah is one of 39 states that require charitable organizations, and those intending to solicit on their behalf, to register with the state in order to solicit contributions, whether they are a Utah organization or based out-of-state. In Utah a number of groups and organizations are exempt from registration. Exemptions are not automatic; organizations must formally file to be exempt.[1]” … “REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Any nonprofit group or organization located in Utah, unless exempt, must register with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. Any non-exempt nonprofit, in any state, intending to solicit in Utah must also register, along with anyone intending to solicit in Utah on behalf of a nonprofit.” …

Here is the Federal Law:

Here is just a small amount of evidence of fundraising below. Laurin doesn’t have a job herself so she relies on donors to maintain her bills. Her house payment alone is $1500.00 per month. Amount of donations to cover rent alone for 3 years is $54,000.00. This does not include any additional bills such as electricity, water, food, or anything else. If Laurin rescued 75 women during this 3 year period the expenses would be enormous. Hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Even after we called for Laurin Crosson to cease fundraising of course she ignored us. Here you can see she gets Annie Lobert to ask donors to pay her rent.  (This video should be able to be viewed on Hookers For Jesus FB page)  

I contacted Annie Lobert to share all of this information with her. Annie Lobert made a public statement that she was standing behind Laurin Crosson. 




Here is testimony also regarding her donations. I know this is true because another woman who knows & spent a lot of time with Laurin told me this exact same thing. She even stated that Laurin refers to them as her “Regulars” whom she hits up when she needs weed. Laurin’s Bishop has been financially supportive of Laurin for years as well.


megan fundraiser

laurin fundraiser







This woman above buying the pizza has No money to spare. Single mom. Poor. She has Way less than Laurin has.

This next testimony is from my personal friend. She was one of the women I learned about Laurin from. Laurin was one of the women always commenting on her fb posts so I thought she was supporting this woman but behind the scenes she was bullying her. This woman is vulnerable. She is Homeless with a little child. As you can see here, Laurin was bullying her even while she was living in a van.

marla testimony3

marla testimony2

marla testimony1

marla testimony4

Here are some more things this woman disclosed to me during a later conversation including direct quotes of things she felt were very disturbing which Laurin said to her.



These were direct quotes of things Laurin Crosson had said to this woman.



Here is another disturbing thing Laurin has been witnessed doing:

laurin black women1

Here is another testimony from a woman who knows Laurin for a lot of years indicating that not only is Laurin a bully but that she routinely has re-victimized survivors who have come in contact with her & Rockstarr Ministries.




And here is testimony of yet another woman who knows Laurin personally, spent time at the “safe house” & raised funds to help in the beginning when she first met Laurin. She has stated in our conversations that Laurin’s house is Unsafe for Survivors.

“I spent time as an already excited trafficking survivor volunteer at Laurin Crosson’s safehouse and I was disturbed at what I saw. Laurin seemed to smoke a lot of weed with a local boy at the house regularly, she lied to donors to get more cash donations, and her stories about those she “advocates” for and her past never seemed to add up or make sense. She would claim things like a girl claimed they got pregnant from an animal. She was demanding that everyone around her be her servant and was emotionally unstable and abusive, she also had a habit of talking bad about other organizations and leaders. She would say things like, “I’m the only one that has trained Homeland Security”. Things that makes no sense to me at all. She took my social security number as a volunteer and she claimed she had an active 501(c)3 to donors but I later found out she didn’t even have an active one for 3 years. The one and only girl I met while volunteering on and off at the house was robbed by one of Laurin’s best friends. She was a pregnant foster care survivor that had hardly anything for her or her son. When confronted about the robbery, instead of holding her best friend accountable, she threatened her with gang retaliation if she called the police. Laurin claims she’s rescued 65 black women and children from slavery in the past 2 years when she solicits funds illegally for her ‘charity’ online, but there has been zero evidence of that. She can’t even get any intake or out take names of organizations of where she’s placed any of these black women or children. Not only that, it appears there’s zero accountability with donor money. It seems to me she travels very frequently, gets her hair and nails done, pays all of her living expenses and buys a lot of weed to smoke. I wouldn’t be upset if it was just a paper work issue, but all of theses issues combined make me think she’s nothing more than a con artist claiming she’s a savior to prostituted women and children. She lied about her police records for prostitution and being unable to work. I don’t trust her with my social security number. I also think she’s a con artist and a pathological liar, a bully and a fraud.”

65 black girls

laurin nails

Here Laurin is posting a black woman’s hands on her personal page even knowing that we are calling her into question. She is also very in your face about the weed (see Snoop Dog convo below for more proof of it). She claims she is stressed out & being victimized by this call out yet continues to engage in very aggressive in your face posts instead of intentional actions to answer the concerns & to promote trust.

laurin gucci

Laurin Has YET to provide A Single Testimony of Any of the 65 Black Women she claims to have rescued. Rebecca Bender stated to me that she had a conversation with Laurin after taking her to Taco Bell on the way to the Airport, so an In Person conversation. She stated that she asked Laurin about her board & a few other questions. She stated that Laurin’s answers did not make sense to her & seemed like excuses.

She stated to me over the phone that she told Laurin to get testimonies of at least half of the 65 Women she claims to have rescued at that time & gave her a list of about 16 things Laurin needed to prove.

NOTE: Later Rebecca Bender denied that she said these things to me but she definitely said them to me during our phone conversation. You can see our email communications below where Rebecca Bender does a 360 Degree turnaround after her friends began calling her. There seem to be a group of Survivor Led Non Profit owners who are unwilling to take any stand for all of these survivors who have been harmed by Crosson. This is unacceptable to me.   You can see in the screenshot below Rebecca Bender accused me of Slandering Laurin. The communications she is referencing is a brief email advising that Laurin Crosson is not who she claims to be & packet of some of the evidence of Laurin Crosson’s behaviors that I have presented on this document here.  When Rebecca Bender wrote this post she knew fully well that there was NO situation between Laurin and I personally speaking because I told her I barely even knew Laurin. She is calling me an Enemy & Trouble maker for bringing these truths out to the public & into the light of the survivor community in order for us to ensure that more women are not getting hurt or re-victimized.

This woman, Rebecca Bender, is someone who is selling products to survivors & receiving Non Profit Funding in order to do so Yet here she is calling me all kinds of names simply because I am Truth Telling and attempting to look out for All of these Victims. I personally think it’s disgusting to Ensure a Personal Lifestyle for yourself off of the backs of women you actually don’t even care about & that’s what it’s looking like is happening here to me. Down in the actual comments on this thread below when someone defended me & stated that Rebecca Bender was making accusations without providing actual proof of anything she was stating about me the thread was later erased, perhaps after she consulted with her lawyers on her board in light of the fact that it was actually Her slandering me not the other way around. I have been an open book posting all of my communications with Rebecca Bender. The things I disclosed that she told me over the phone are not things I could have known otherwise since I don’t know Rebecca Bender. That said, Rebecca Bender travels all over & seems to be enjoying quite a nice lifestyle. Travelling to events & conferences doesn’t help poor women so I beg to differ that that is her primary initiative.

rebecca bender lie1

See Rebecca Bender and Laurin are personal friends & Rebecca Bender wants to capitalize on Laurin Crosson’s following to sell Elevate.

laurin and rebecca bender

Here is Yet Another person who had a crazy interaction with Laurin Crosson

chong kim

In keeping with the bullying when Laurin got wind of my public questioning of her she & her friend Amy Andrews Gray sent messages to me, which I did not respond to. I blocked these ladies after receiving the messages because I did not believe anything productive would have come from discussions with them.

pm laurin

pm laurin1

pm laurin2

pm laurin3

pm laurin4

pm laurin5

pm laurin6

pm laurin7

pm laurin8

pm laurin9

Here is Yet another one of Laurin’s bully friends. Most of the women on the thread which was posted on my FB page don’t know this woman & have never interacted with her, including me.


Here is another testimonial I received from a woman who was made aware that I had publicly called for Laurin to prove her claims & warned others to watch out for Laurin Crosson. Laurin Crosson has a consistent pattern of bullying vulnerable women.

The name omitted for Privacy in the following testimony is the woman who placed one of the survivors referred to below with Rockstarr Ministries to begin with. 


(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY)messages me and tells me that she sent a survivor to the safe house, and that there is another survivor there too.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) tells me that the survivors claim that Laurin is not there and left them by themselves. They told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) that they don’t have food, and that Laurin called the police on them.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY)suggests that Laurin should get a board member of Rockstarr to take the survivors to a shelter if Laurin doesn’t want them there anymore, but Laurin claims that the survivors are “too dangerous to transport.” No board member was available to help.

One of the survivors told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) that Laurin had violated confidentiality (therefore HIPPA laws) and has done other illegal things.


Laurin called the police on the two survivors in the safe house. Laurin is attempting to put the two survivors on the streets (of Utah, in winter).

Laurin was previously out of the house and participating and/or attending the Vagina Monologues. After a dinner party, Laurin went to her neighbor’s house to call the cops.

The police did not know what to do to help the situation. The police said Laurin was talking to a county attorney.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) claims that Laurin broke confidentiality for both survivors. She claims that Laurin has talked about both of them to each other, talked bad about one survivor to the lady who has the survivor’s children. She also claims that no releases or paperwork were signed allowing Laurin to break confidentiality in either instance, discussing survivor business with the other survivor or discussing survivors business with lady who had survivor’s children.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) claims that one of the survivors braided Laurin’s hair (hours of labor for free).

The survivors told the police that Laurin smokes weed in her room.

The police left the house and the survivors in the house. They didn’t have to leave.

One survivor claims that Laurin never took them anywhere. They wanted to go to temple and watch her in the Vagina Monologues.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) attempts to find funding to help out the survivor that she referred to Rockstarr.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) messages me again to tell me one of the survivors called her crying hysterically. She tells me that the survivors are scared and traumatized.

Laurin has contacted me by this time and she claims that the survivors threatened to kill her. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) said that the police said nothing about death threats. Laurin further claims that the survivors threatened to burn the house down. Laurin claimed she was going to get a restraining order, and then she claimed that the survivors were using meth and had new boyfriends.

The survivors want to leave the “safe house,” but they have no resources to leave.

Laurin claims that this situation would be the end of the safe house, and that the house was destroyed by the two survivors.

Laurin leaves the safe house. She sends two male friends to go to the safe house. They brought hamburgers to feed the survivors. I believe one of the male friends may have been known to the survivors, but the other male was unknown to them. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) suggested the survivors stay in the room downstairs and lock the door. One survivor told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) that she was uncomfortable with a man being in the house. Meanwhile Laurin remained gone from safe house for several days.


Laurin called the cops again. The police tell the survivors that they have to learn to live together, even though the survivors want to leave.

Laurin has blocked (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) by this point. Laurin made a Facebook post claiming her life was threatened and that she’s going to court to get a restraining order.

Before one of the survivors came to the safe house, Laurin had promised her that she would send her back to Arizona if she didn’t like the safe house. One of the survivor’s called Greyhound and found out it would cost 200 dollars to get the survivor back to Arizona. Laurin told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) that she will not pay for them to go to Arizona. Laurin claimed that it cost 600 dollars to get one survivor to the safe house, and (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told me that was not true.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) had talked to the man that stayed at the house with the survivors and said he was a jerk.

One survivor has a “friend” get her a ticket, (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) was worried that the survivor may be forced back into prostitution to escape the safe house.

Laurin told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) to block the survivors, and (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told her how would the survivors get out if she did that. Laurin then replied, “thanks for having my back.”

Laurin claims there’s 1000 dollars’ worth of damage in the house. At this point, the police have been at the house three times. If the house was destroyed, if the survivors threatened to harm Laurin or the house, the police would have arrested them.

Laurin claimed that one of the survivor’s pimps had messaged her to threaten her. I asked (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) about this, and (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told me that the man was not a pimp (it was her boyfriend). The survivor was trafficked by her family.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) and I were trying to figure out ways to get the survivors out of the safe house. One of the survivors didn’t have any form of ID, so that posed a big challenge. Greyhound would allow a library card ID to get her on.

Zina (a board member) contacted me and claimed that the survivors invited men to the house, got their hands on drugs, and they pawned a bunch of the Rockstarr property. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told me that to pawn things, they would need IDs (which one survivor does not have) and that one of the survivor’s does not get high.

Throughout this, I was the easiest board member for (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) to reach out to since we already knew each other. I didn’t have a list of board member names or info, and (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) had difficulties finding out any info. I had asked Zina for her phone number, and I gave it to (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) so she could contact Zina, but it turned out to be a random man’s number. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told me this is not legal, and that Zina needs to provide a legitimate way to contact her.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) manages to find a way for both of the survivors to leave the house. By this time, Zina texted one of the survivors, “This is Zina Peterson, director of the Board of RockStarr Ministries. You and (the other survivor) are to vacate the premises by five o’clock p.m. tomorrow (February 9, 2016) If you are not gone and/or if Laurin’s or the ministry’s’ property is missing charges will be pressed.”

The survivors were expected to leave by 7:00PM on the 9th, but they would need to get there early anyways so they would be fine. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) and I agreed to keep this information private from Laurin.

I had spoken to the survivors and the survivor who did not have an ID let me know that Greyhound would let her on the bus with a password and a confirmation number, given her situation. One survivor told me that Laurin had diagnosed her with PTSD (Laurin is not qualified to do this, even if it is true) and told her that she could never be a model because she’s “too skinny.” The survivors also let me know that Laurin tried to set the survivors against each other


In conversations I had with one survivor, I told (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) that Laurin had contacted the social workers for her and her children’s guardian. The survivor told me that Laurin tried to set the girls against each other.

(NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) shows me a message Laurin had sent her about the survivors, “Not like this entitled brat that she’s acting like she is acting so entitled she won’t’ do a damn thing not even around sucking dick give me a break you’re not listening to me”.

Near 7 PM, both survivors are on the bus to leave Utah. (NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY) told me that the survivors were at the bus station by 3 PM, that’s how badly they wanted to leave the safe house.


Another Major issue is that Laurin Claims to be Black. Laurin Crosson is White. She also has a pattern of talking down to Black women. There are several incidences that we know about where Laurin bullied & threatened Black women who turned to her to escape prostitution & other Non Survivor Black women have also felt upset about Laurin’s claims to be Black, Her Claim to have been Racially profiled & her use of the N word. Here is the proof of this below.

laurin black6

laurin black2

This was a radio show which Laurin was interviewed to discuss what it’s like to be Black. Her interview is no longer available. It was clearly removed and replaced with music.

laurin black1

laurin black

laurin black5

Laurin taking it a step further to claim she was racially profiled: (copy & paste link into a browser)

Here is a woman who lives in Utah who made a video in 2015 about Laurin Crosson:


After I went public with this information I was contacted by some Black Women who had the following conversation with Laurin Crosson around 2-3 months ago. Again you can see Laurin claiming she is Black (Mixed Race) and also a continuation of her pattern of talking down to & demeaning other women.  Also Laurin goes on & on herself here about smoking weed which confirms the accounts related to me over & over again including the account that she uses donor money to purchase weed since she doesn’t have her own income. The weed is smoked inside her house on a regular basis. 








We did also hear from another Black woman who was at her Rockstarr Ministries house. Laurin sent her to her best friend Amy Andrews Gray who stole all of the young woman’s possessions including her medical history book. The woman attempted to get help from Laurin but Laurin threatened her when she stated she was tired of trying to get her things for months on end & felt like she had no choice but to call the police. Laurin also promised to help the woman get her things back but never did. Also while she was staying at Laurin’s house the woman was pregnant. Laurin was smoking weed in the house as we have heard she always does. She also uses donor money to purchase weed. Several people have confirmed that. Laurin told the pregnant woman she had no food to let her eat but she did offer her weed to smoke, while pregnant.

Even after her friends told her to remove her braids & to lay low with the claims to be black Laurin is still making the claim indirectly. Here is a poem she posted on 5/2

laurin kanye

laurin kanye1

laurin kanye2

laurin kanye4

Here was my public response:

me kanye

me kanye1

me kanye2

Here you can see Laurin is White. This family photo was posted on FB. Laurin comments on the side “My Dad is Hot”. Laurin also tells the story on radio shows & in interviews of being raised by these two parents in the photo.

laurin kid photo

laurins mother


THIS Woman has NOT been Racially Profiled as a Black Woman!!! The fact that she believes it is her right to “BE” an ethnicity that she is Not whenever she wishes & then to “Not BE” that ethnicity as it suits her is Racist & Misogynistic. Racist in that she is engaging in massive White Entitlement and completely disregarding very real dangers & forms of oppression that People of Color face & Misogynistic because she has objectified Black Women.

Laurin’s claims to be Black when she is White & her further claims to be experiencing Oppression are indicative of a serious mental health matter. Along with other very uncomfortable statements, attitudes & behaviors it should be clear that Laurin Crosson is not only not fit to take on the important & heavy responsibility of caring for women just coming out of prostitution or trying to escape a pimp. Many women at that point are fragile, many might have drug problems and it is imperative that these women are not re-victimized in order for them to gain the confidence they need to continue moving forward. The woman who I mentioned earlier as having had her things stolen returned to the life. I feel deeply concerned that I have not heard the half of the damage Laurin Crosson has done. I have also heard other testimony in which Laurin even forces a very ill man, a survivor, struggling with AIDS, to keep her house & tend to her cats.

There are other lies told by Laurin. In looking over all the data I could find I have come to believe that Laurin is likely not even a Sex Trafficking survivor at all. The amount of lies & discrepancies she has told is astounding. The dead giveaway is her claim that she has been under her pimp’s control for 20 years. And even the Pimp story varies, in one interview she stated she was under her pimps control for 15 yrs by 2006. Neither claim bears any truth because as you will see below Laurin’s claim that she met her pimp directly out of college is false & you will also see that it would have been impossible for Laurin to be with One man all those years since she claims she has SIX children. If all of these children exist & are hers then they have FOUR different Fathers. I made a chart in order to give a visual of it all.


Her children are Kelvin Mota (30 years old) Born around 1988.

Here she claims she married a Ball Player. Divorced then took her son & met her Pimp.

Manny Mota was a professional Baseball Player. As far as I know that was her man’s uncle and the man she was with was never a professional ball player.  She did not have a baby with Manny Mota. It seems she was lying here about her husband being a ball player. She then claims she met her pimp & was with him for years after that but after she divorced Mota she was in a relationship with a man named Richard Cross. She was pregnant in 1990. They lived together & were having a domestic dispute. Laurin Crosson called the police. She told them that Cross was holding a gun. When the police arrived they shot & killed him on the spot. The next year Laurin sued the Police officer/City but lost the case because they had the 911 tape proving she told them he was armed with a gun. They never found a gun anywhere. Laurin claimed that she did not tell them he had a gun & later claimed she didn’t remember telling them he had a gun after they played the 911 tape. 

Here she states clearly that her husband was shot & killed proving that her claim to have met her pimp right after college while at a photo shoot for a San Diego magazine is a lie. (Here is the news article about her suing the police)

Kelcie Cross (28 years old) Born in 1991.

At some point shortly after Cross is killed Laurin enters a relationship/marriage with a man named Uperesa Hanipale. She claims she has two son’s with this man. On Facebook Kelvin Mota is friends with each of these other children. Also she has posted pictures of each of the four of them stating they are her children leading me to believe this is likely the case even though it doesn’t seem she raised any of them. She lost custody of Kelcie. I am unsure if the Hanipale boys are her biological children. One of them lives on Samoa Island & the other in Chicago where his father also lives. So the picture should begin to become clear now that Laurin did not spent 15 years with a pimp by 2006, she did not meet her pimp directly out of college then fall under his control. She also makes other claims which you will see below such as she Had No ID for 20 years of her life which would be from 1992-2012.

Also in the above quote she states she was stabbed & shot however I did not find any news record of that. Her story of a doctor sending her states away for help is highly suspect. Doctors do not send patients across the country when they are shot in their head.

Laurin claims to have an extensive criminal record (she has stated she has 30 charges in her name). We had a lawyer friend do a record search in both Los Angeles County and Orange County (the counties they have access to). Laurin has no record at all in either one of those counties in any of her names.  We are also in possession of a paid report for Laurin Crosson and we do not believe that any of the 6 charges listed in this report are prostitution related.

San Diego has a site where you can look up cases. Anyone can do this. I found only one criminal record for Laurin which was in 1997. No other criminal history was found in any of her names. We asked Laurin to prove her criminal record. She stated that she got her criminal record while at the courthouse 4/11/2018 however she never provided any proof of her criminal history in prostitution. Laurin could have easily cleared this up & posted her prostitution related charges, as I did mine through this process in order to help others feel secure in my word that I spent 15 years of my life in prostitution. This has been her choice to refuse to substantiate anything she claims.


Here we can see she was in court with Mota to establish Paternity

san diego court2

Next we can see her court cases surrounding Cross, both the lawsuit & then loss of custody of Kelcie Cross. She was already using the last name Hanipale so it seems she was married to him too by this point.



san diego court4

Here we see that Laurin was in Small Claims court for what I believe was an eviction. We can see that in 1996 she was still living with Hanipale so likely she was with Hanipale from sometime in 1991 or after to late 1998. So she was in that relationship or marriage for 8 years.  She & Uperesa had several evictions & also several DV cases. It seemed like they may have split in  late 1998 or at some point after that.

You can glean from these cases there was not vast amounts of money being made during this relationship in light of significant instability.

san diego court3

uperesa 96 eviction

uperesa 97 eviction

uperesa 98 eviction

uperesa 97 dv

uperesa 98 dv

No criminal record aside from one case in 1997 leads me to believe this was likely a domestic relationship not a Pimp/Ho relationship. Laurin & Hanipale have 2 children who both seem to be early 20’s by now which corresponds with the years she was married to Hanipale. It is likely Kelvin was living with his mother when she was in this relationship with Hanipale and knew his brothers for a time. One of the boys graduated from a school on a Samoan Island & seems to still live there. The other boy lives in Chicago, as does Uperesa Hanipale.


In 2001 We start to see the same pattern with Juan Cardenas: Eviction, DV, & Family Court. Here Juan Cardenas files a DV case against Laurin but they continue to stay in relationship

san diego court

san diego court5

Above I was uncertain of whether Laurin had two daughters but I was able to find this court case in 2003 establishing Parental Relationship which would indicate that Laurin does in fact have these two daughters. Laurin calls the father of these daughters her Sex Trafficker whom she was with 20+ years. She also claims that he stole the children from her. I contend this is absolutely false.

Juan Cardenas has continued to be in the San Diego area. As you can also see below, He married another woman at some point & we can see he recently got a divorce in 2017. I believe Laurin is fabricating this entire story of this man being a Pimp & stealing her children from her.

juan kids


san diego court6





san diego court7


juan cardenas marriage 06

juan divorce

Here we find that Laurin faced eviction from an apartment in just her name. At the time she was in Family Court with Juan Cardenas. Either divorce or Family matters related to children. Laurin’s claim was that her pimp stole her two youngest children, two girls who she says are around 16 & 13. She states that she never saw them after they were 1 & 2 but clearly she was in relationship with Cardenas until around 2004. Her children would have been around 1 & 3 at that point. Since Laurin was in Family Court it is simply a lie that the Father stole the children. My guess is that they settled an agreement in court or Laurin gave the children to him since she had no means, if the children do in fact exist. Also note you will see later where Laurin claims she had no ID for 20 years, no place of her own, nothing in her name, her pimp had full control. Again, clearly this is just a straight up lie.

san diego court8

In 2012 Laurin wrote these messages on her Facebook Wall. Since the court records stopped showing up after that relationship I don’t know if Laurin got back together with Juan Cardenas or met another man which is possible, perhaps someone who didn’t hit her.

Even if she got back together with Cardenas by 2012 they only would have had an on again off again relationship for at most 12 years. By that point Laurin was 35 years old & had Six pregnancies. Being that age & having so many children had to have already taken a hard toll on her body & not that there are not heavy set women prostituting however Laurin claims to have been an award winning Porn star And to have been making TOP Dollar on a Track. I maintain this is a flat out lie.

An older heavy set woman cannot make the kind of money that she claims she made. Also the continued pattern of evictions further prove money was not coming into the home in the ways that she claims it was. This seems to me to be a woman in a series of tense domestic relationships. She has a pattern of marriage & kids. In 2012 Laurin made several posts surrounding a breakup of a relationship. Her statements did not sound like Pimp Ho comments.

Here they are:

laurin breakup

laurin breakup1

Laurin contradicts herself in this article. She states clearly she had no ID for 20 years but then turns around and states that her role as bottom bitch was to put things in her own name so which is it? Why didn’t Nordic Now catch this?

F: In one of your texts, you speak about a ‘bottom bitch’. What is a “bottom bitch” and what is her relationship with the pimp and the other prostitutes ?

L: It’s the woman who is usually chronologically in a pimp’s “stable” the longest. She is usually beaten more and forced to put hotel rooms and property in her name so the pimp can’t be traced to the girls’ activity. She is charged with keeping the money, keeping the girls meeting their quotas, she drives and picks up, etc. When she fails at any of these tasks, she’s abused and humiliated in front of the other girls.

The pimp behaves as if the position of bottom bitch is enviable and prestigious, but it’s really the slave-master’s puppet position. The risks are huge, the rewards are nothing. The pimp wants the other girls to envy her, but it means nothing. We still were all for sale. When I was a bottom bitch I still had to meet my own quota and I had a ton of other pressure on me or else I’d get beat down again.

A number of us tried to contact Nordic Now to make them aware of this information in light of the fact that they wrote this article & continue to  promote Laurin Crosson and they were a bit hostile towards us. They even gaslighted a survivor who poured her heart out to them.





This is an unacceptable response that Nordic Now is unwilling to listen to survivors or consider the evidence (Three of us got a similar response).


During this process we also contacted the Owners and Moderators of Refuse To Date Men Who Use Porn, a FB page which has more than 20k followers. We notified them because they give Laurin Crosson a platform in their group. Come to find out the Owner of the Page is a personal friend of Laurin Crosson’s & fellow Mormon. There were tense communications with Moderators and they refused to even consider the information that we shared with the. Based on what I know they continue to support Laurin Crosson at this time. This is an unacceptable response in my opinion due to the fact that Laurin Crosson is a public speaker & also harming vulnerable women so it’s a real failure to act on behalf of those who have been harmed & will be harmed in the future by Laurin if she is allowed to continue.

Here is a radio show where Laurin claims her parents raised her in a privileged environment. That her parents both had Doctorates (No evidence either have Doctorates). She claims to have a college degree but there is no evidence that Laurin Crosson has a college degree. Again she claims she met her pimp directly after college. Her report here on this show further confirms that she is–a-survivors-story–laurin-crosson

She also repeats these same things such as nothing being in her name in this interview which shows the reports in the articles were actually her words, not made up by the interviewers.

Despite her testimony she grew up in a very sheltered existence she makes this statemnt here about being 16 in the Playboy Mansion with Hefner asking if he could have pictures of her vagina. This doesn’t seem true since she doesn’t ever mention it in her survivor story.

It wasn’t just official Playboy bunnies who were expected to serve Saint Hef. Laurin Crosson, a fellow activist and sex industry survivor who runs a safe house for women escaping prostitution in the United States, shared this on her (personal) Facebook page:

“But especially thanks for asking me if your ‘photographer’ could take a picture of my vagina for your ‘private collection’, you asked this in front of a room of people, all seeming to laugh at my uncomfortable stutter. I was 16. I was scared and felt so pressured.”

Here on this article some people tried to get the word out about Laurin as well:

Read in the COMMENTS in the Above Link. A survivor and two other people commented including a man saying Laurin asked him for a gun.,1672826,1674195,quote=1

Also more comments about Laurin about mid page in the above link.

In this article Laurin claims all of her “Sister Wives” are dead. In an article above she claimed she had 100 sister-wives.

Crosson was a victim of trafficking for most of her adult life, being sold for sex throughout the United States and even in Provo. She and her fellow trafficking victims called each other “sister wives” and learned to look out for each other as “the pimp (was) never, never not watching.” Today, all of Crosson’s “sister wives” are dead.

Her pimp influenced nearly all her choices over a 20-year-span. She either complied with his demands or he would beat, starve or drug her until she gave in.

Her pimp trafficked her back and forth between Mexico and one day Crosson said she found herself stranded a mile out in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego. She heard helicopters encircling and the sound of rescue boats coming toward her. “At some point in my rescue, I distinctly heard a deep, booming, male voice that said, ‘This is the last time I save you from yourself,’” she said. “I knew absolutely that the voice was coming from God … and it changed my life.”

Crosson managed to escape her pimp, but not without taking a bullet to the head. She was sent to a hospital in Utah to escape danger. A friend told her to speak with a bishop at Deseret Industries once she’d been released from the hospital. She met with Bishop Ben Shippen and poured her whole life on his desk saying, “Fix my life.”


There is NO evidence of a woman being rescued by a Helicopter. There is No evidence of a woman being attacked by Police & having her collar bone broken. There is No evidence of a woman being shot in the head by a trick. I can pull up many news articles about helicopter rescues during those years 2006/2007 but none about Laurin Crosson. I cal also pull up many articles about people being shot in the head in San Diego around those years but again, none of Laurin Crosson. Is there ANY evidence to Substantiate Anything she has said? 

Again I contend Laurin made up her Entire sex trafficking story. 

Here in this article again she validates her own words in her FB posts: And again she makes no mention of young children stolen from her.


This isn’t clear cut proof but Laurin often says things that I know do not ring true having been prostituted for 15 years. For ie. In Nordic interview she states she saw a severed finger in the floor of a tricks car. I don’t believe it. And here, She claims Street prostituting is less dangerous than Online prostituting. It actually doesn’t even really make much sense since all street prostitutes take tricks to hotel rooms. We have trick rooms on many tracks which can be rented by the hour. Meeting tricks online is not more dangerous. Never once did I have a dangerous incident meeting a trick online & then at the hotel or in my home. The primary reason is because tricks online can be traced by police through an IP address. Not to say that no one gets murdered meeting up with someone from online just saying it is not nearly as dangerous because there is a information trail that law enforcement can access whereas you do not have that on the streets.

Lastly I would like to share my communications with Rebecca Bender. Rebecca Bender is elevating Laurin Crosson as a Survivor Leader. They have been friends over a course of some years. Rebecca Bender gained clout when she was interviewed with ABC and connected to Ashton Kutcher.

The same week that I was finding out all of this information Rebecca Bender had invited a group of 5 women to film her next product. Laurin Crosson was there. I contacted Rebecca Bender’s sponsors to inform them of what I had found out & Rebecca Bender emailed me herself. Here are those communications. Also we spoke on the phone for about 30 minutes. She elaborated on the fact that to save on expenses she invited women w/in a certain region since the plane tickets were cheaper. She expressed a lot of embarrasement that she had not checked to ensure Laurin was a legitimate business. She claimed she had told Laurin that she is a public speaker therefore she must understand she has to prove her claims (be vetted). She also told me she had given Laurin a list of 16 things to provide her with. She divulged to me that she took Laurin to Taco Bell and confronted her about her board. She said that she felt like Laurin was full of excuses & that her statements weren’t holding water. She told me that she told Laurin get at least 30 testimonials from the women you have helped.

She also told me she was going to be speaking at an event where Amy Andrew’s Gray was also scheduled to be at in May & that she had planned to speak to her then. I asked her if she had any other association with Amy Andrews Gray which she said she did not. I told her I didn’t expect her to confront Amy if she had no other dealings with her. Despite having this information & admitting that Laurin’s behavior & business practice is unacceptable Rebecca Bender is choosing to defend Laurin & stand by her. Also Annie Lobert and other women who have Nonprofits are all standing by Laurin Crosson in this matter even though they have all been notified of the dangers she presents to real exiting women who need help not revictimization. Annie Lobert asked donors to pay Laurin’s rent on April 6th.

Below I am going to also include the private message exchange I had with Annie Lobert (Hookers for Jesus).

During this experience I have grown deeply concerned about this network of women who will defend another person simply because they are Religious or because they have/had a NonProfit status. That behavior is not indicative of individuals who are committed to serving this community first & foremost. The fact that these women are knowingly willing to support & defend Laurin Crosson is unacceptable in light of how many women, mostly poor women, both exited and non exited she preys upon, in light of her criminal behaviors and in light of her obvious mental instability which makes her unsuitable & a danger to vulnerable women trying to escape intense circumstances. Their refusal to address this head on is gross negligence. It is not what I want to be happening within the survivor communities & if this is the kind of survivor led organizing happening then it should be stopped in my opinion as an exited woman myself.

Note*** I learned since my discussions with these women that Laurin Crosson has been known to leave survivor women at the house without any staff being present. Numerous people have also told me Laurin does drugs & drinks at the house that is supposed to be a “Safe House”. These are extreme actions that are unsafe in every way.

Women who are exiting should not be left unattended at any point, nor should any unknown man be sent into the environment where women are staying in order to watch over them on behalf of Laurin while she is away. This is standard in Any real & legitimate shelter or safe house.

As well I am sharing my conversation with Zina Petersen the Rockstarr Board Leader. She accepts the payments for Rockstarr. She also has been complicit in stopping Laurin from harming other women. This is unacceptable too.

Laurin Crosson continued to advertise Rockstarr Ministries as a Nonprofit 501 c 3 organization from 2015-present day until 4/16/2018, knowing that donors are much more likely to donate to organization with this status. When I confronted Zina Petersen about this she claimed she did not know about the expired status but I found it to be unbelievable since she told me she was vouching for Laurin and had personally met rescued women herself in the same breath as she claimed not to know of the expired status & to have been unable to keep up with RM affairs for the past year. Here is my conversation with her.

Hello, I notice that you are the person accepting Payments for Rockstarr Ministries. This business has not been registered for some years now. Are you aware that it is illegal to have a business in the State of Utah wout it being registered. Also that it is illegal to do fundraising without being legally registered

Hello. The account is still under my name, and I am looking into the registration problem. I can completely vouch for Laurin and the safehouse; what I was not aware of was that the state registration had lapsed. There was a change in the board a couple of years ago at tax time, and I’m fairly certain that was where the ball was dropped. It’s a tiny, tiny shoestring budget; we are lucky to make rent (sometimes late) with the help of board members and Jesus!! So: nothing nefarious, just carelessness. I’ll talk to Shiela in the Utah licensing office tomorrow.


So you are vouching for Laurin even though you know that she is Trans Racial, claiming to be Black when she has two white parents which is a mental illness. Even though you know that she buys weed with those funds. Even though she is claiming to have rescued Sixty Five women, Mostly Black women the past two years yet this is a lie. Laurin is barely rescuing anyone though she does use those funds to finance her hair nails travels personal weed, weed for friends, entertainment, etc…….


I am in contact with someone who knows you & attests to the fact that you are aware of many of the things I have made mention of

This is a real problem. As an exited woman myself I don’t appreciate that Laurin is conning people, Particularly Women, many who are Poor

Where are the 65 Mostly Black Women that Laurin has rescued?

I’ll tell you what if you can get real employees of REAL shelters who have accepted intakes …..not Just One or Two….picked up & rescued by Laurin then that would go a very long way to clearing this all up

provide me with those contacts, women working at real shelters or DV organizations that I can call on a professional line whom can vouch for the work being done by Rockkstarr Ministries


It is illegal to collect money from fundraising efforts from a business which is not licensed. It is illegal in Utah & It is illegal Nationally.






struggle to believe you. That you did not know that this business hasn’t been registered since 3/06/2014. This is 3/29/2018

I intend to put a stop to ANY fraud being committed

Ha! In the past couple of years, I have 1. Come out as gay 2. Ended a 33-year marriage 3. Left my church—LDS, which also owned my employer, BYU, 4. Which meant I lost my career, not just my job, 5. Upended the lives of my entire family. I hardly have had time to track RSM stuff, but I’ve met almost all the women who have come through and yes, they exist, and most are black. Good night!


that has nothing to do with anything. You are responsible because you are co signing & like I said, I am going to be working to ensure that everyone involved in this Scam are stopped. Your personal affairs have nothing to do with anything. You make a choice to support Laurin and her mess. And you have known for a long time that she is Trans Racial and also all the other stuff. Again, the way to clear this up is to put me in touch with REAL Shelters/Programs who take in girls rescued by Laurin regularly. Your word doesn’t mean anything in light of what I know

i.e. Laurin Crosson and Development Lab

Inbox x

Rebecca Bender <>

Apr 4 (8 days ago)

to ssutherland, shanna, me




Thank you for the detailed information about Laurin. I want to humbly express my embarrassment for not checking for current 501c3 status of those in attendance of our Development Lab. I hope to explain myself, not for excuses or to justify, but in hopes that you’ll extend some grace and patience as I too learn how to offer services to people in need.

As most of you know, I run an online academy, where survivors are able to access video modules, homework assignments, required readings and engage in a forum discussion with other survivors. In this online school all survivors also have access to a closed facebook group where they can get to know each other and choose to engage with anyone they feel comfortable with.

As much as I would love to personally get to know all 350 students, it’s just not feasible.

Laurin was part of this online school and as we’ve radically grown to 350 enrolled, it has been a challenge for us to navigate areas such as: does completing modules give survivors an Elevate Academy certificate of completion, but does that mean that’s an endorsement from us? Do we need to have some disclaimer, etc as we are aware that by inviting persons to our events it publically appears as an endorsement. We are in the process of being thoughtful and are researching how other schools have handled items such as the 2015 shooting where Umpqua Community College shooter was an enrolled student, clearly the school didn’t endorse his behavior, for example.

When putting together this development lab, our intention was to film our new sessions for the Elevate Academy. We looked at states that fly directly to our area: Medford, Oregon. There are only 6 cities that fly to Medford, so we specifically, for budgetary reasons, looked for survivors who ran their own companies from Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake, Denver, San Fran and Phoenix. 

Lesson learned for us, that we need to ask for applications to attend (if we are to do one again, as this was only intended to be a one time event for filming, not an annual ongoing workshop). If a future application is to take place, we will ask for proof of current non-profit status, a list of board members and titles as well as an annual operating budget and program synopsis.

I say that to say, we too (like others) have been under the impression as Laura has pointed out, that Laurin was operating an active, current non-profit, that we have only come to find out after the Development Lab was over that her paperwork was expired.

Since learning the news, we have contacted Laurin and stressed the importance of having all her paperwork in order and operating to take donations. During the development lab we also discussed the professional manner in which to represent yourself and your nonprofit as an actual workshop for all survivors and are hopeful that all the attendees walked away with tools. 

I think a few things to remember when working in this field is that we are serving survivors with potential mental health needs that display later rather than sooner. That often is a direct result of trauma not the organization trying to serve them. We also know that not all survivors know how to professionally run a company, hence why we put classes together because no one is mentoring survivors in this area. Many survivors (and non-survivors alike) are unaware of all the foundational elements required to run a thriving non-profit, that is why we created these courses.

We see the need to protect reputations while also serving traumatized people. All I can promise is that I’ve learned from the experience and will do better next time at ensuring proper paperwork is ordered by anyone attending our in person workshops. I thank you for believing in us and coming to us directly with any concerns. We of course would never endorse non-compliant non-profits, nor would we endorse inaccurate stories. We try to be careful at who we align ourselves with and trust that our ten years in this field has shown proof ouf our desire to stay above reproach and hope that our long term reputation will speak for itself. 

Kind Regards,


Rebecca Bender
CEO/Founder, RBI



Apr 4 (8 days ago)

to Rebecca





I appreciate you taking a moment to share your process & thoughts 

with me. Certainly you gathered from my correspondence that I do not hold you responsible for Laurin’s criminal behaviors. That said if this were a simple matter of Just cleaning up paperwork, for ie. If there were truly 65 or 75 women rescued by Laurin, if there were not a slew of other women reporting deep concerns & personal troubles experienced with Laurin, if there were not so many discrepancies in her entire story, proof of bullying & deeply violating choices she has made such as collecting young survivors social security number, etc…  And beyond that, if I had not learned that whether by your own intention or simply due to your reputation, that women who have not taken your course are muted & silenced when they report bullying or issues with someone who has been elevated within your program then I certainly would have proceeded differently. This is Way beyond a paperwork issue for sure. The paperwork not being filed & taxes not being filed are merely further proof that Laurin is a deeply troubled woman who is not at all in a position to run, nor even work for, nor mentor exiting women or survivors. 

Black & Native women are the most vulnerable women. Being Native myself & having black children I take great personal offense that a White woman believes herself to be so privileged that she can “be black” whenever she feels like it. This is racism plain & simple. Laurin has a pattern of bragging about how she is the Savior of all these black women. She also has a pattern of talking down to Women of Color. When white women rally behind Laurin they fail to protect Black women. Meanwhile I have a 30 year old black daughter who experiences racism daily as she moves about the world. I have black son’s who face legitimate fears as they move about the world. For Laurin to claim to have been racially profiled as though it’s a game is absolutely unacceptable. 

Through this experience I have personally been subjected to the bullying & attempts to silence me by women I don’t even know. I happen to have had enough time to heal, have a lot of education, etc… am in a very empowered position within myself to handle the retaliations against me for speaking out, but this is not going to be the case for every girl. I personally know women who are poor who fundraised for Laurin to help her. I am standing up for those women, for Black women and for any others who have been or could be victimized in the future. Chelsea has also been bullied. She was bullied by another woman named Julia after she & I spoke. She almost did not come forward as a result stating she understood coming forward would isolate her from the group of women going through your program. 

Six months ago after some pretty intense bullying by Laurin & Amy, Chelsea finally worked up the courage to approach some of these “survivor leaders”  that are promoting your program, for help with the subsequent bullying she was experiencing from Laurin and Amy Andrews Gray.  The women she turned to essentially told her her voice doesn’t matter because she has not yet earned her right to use her voice in an empowered manner compared to Laurin. Also, Chelsea wanted to share her own story at an event & Laurin along with Amy bullied her into silence. This is Grotesque behavior since one of the most important forms of healing for an exited woman is to find her voice & reclaim that again. 

Again, here my effort is not to lay blame onto you personally, though you are friends with Laurin Rebecca, you have had the same access & more to her social media posts and to her personally.  Many women, even non-exited women have suspected Laurin for a long time now, so I do think that when you say you can’t know all of the 300+ students personally, Laurin was someone you likely knew more than many of those other ladies. But my point here is to confirm how imperative it is to do more since so many survivors are holding your program out to be so important. 

I had a few women who plug your program say to me that I had no right to speak up because I am not in their group.  Of course I fully realize that I don’t need to be in any group or program in order for my voice to be 100% valuable but other women have been intimidated & silenced by women buying into that. Hierarchy is Patriarchal & women won’t truly become empowered through that paradigm. It’s imperative for leaders to dismantle that notion that only one program or pathway is valid. 

I do hope to learn that you plan to hold Laurin accountable beyond clearing up business matters. That you will require her to extend proof of her claims, such as a criminal record. A refusal on her part to clear up these discrepancies would be a major red flag. Erasing statements & trying to merely clean up her mess will not save Laurin this time around. I was told that interventions have been in the works for quite awhile now. Having learned so much & realized that she was confronted in 2015 & now here we are in 2018 and she is still engaging in all this fraud, I’m not willing to let this go. I am certain that there are more victims and she will be held accountable in every regard. 



Rebecca Bender

Apr 4 (8 days ago)

to me




 I completely agree with you on all of the accounts that you listed below. Would love to chat on the phone more if you have time I’ve been trying to get a hold of Chelsie for several days now since her live video. My personal cell phone is 541-XXX- XXXX I’m actually free for the rest of the day if you have 30 minutes to chat


Apr 5 (7 days ago)

to Rebecca




Hi Rebecca, Just to let you know Laurin is still at it today. This morning she posted that she was going to meet these children her “pimp” supposedly kidnapped from her. I searched back in her timeline & didn’t see any pictures or any statements back in 2012/13 when she claims he stole them from her but she did talk about her cat. I feel very strongly that those younger kids do not even exist. She is stating that she is being transparent. Transparency would involve proving those kids exist at all. Perhaps you can get her to show you some evidence of it. If they are the ages she claims then she had them until the oldest was 10. She must produce pictures of her with her two young kids or court documents or something to prove those children are real. Even if only you see the documents we could move on from that.  Best,

Rebecca Bender

Apr 7 (5 days ago)

to me




I hear you and want you to know that I am doing my best to help hold people accountable. This isn’t something that is going to be handled overnight so if I can suggest you try to just be patient and give everyone a bit of time.

Apr 7 (5 days ago)

to Rebecca




Yes of course. I do understand. If I message you something additional it is not to pressure you, rather to inform you of continued activities & claims. I notified Hookers For Jesus today because I did not believe That woman was aware of any of this going on right now & yesterday she was requesting donors to give Laurin money. I do care about protecting all of the women who are actually doing something legitimate to assist survivors, including you. So for as long as Laurin continues on I will work to stop her. I notified Fox 5 News in Las Vegas & I believe they are working to find out who interviewed Laurin now.

Rebecca Bender

Apr 8 (4 days ago)

to me




I’m receiving messages from people that you’re using my name to fuel this. I’m not sure what I have to do with this but please immediately stop using my name in any capacity. I do not want to be a part of this whatsoever. I was trying to hear you and be cordial but I want nothing to do with this. Cease and desist the use of my name immediately.

I responded to you emailing my financial sponsor concerned about my development lab and holding my position of doing my best to help those that we invite to the lab. I do not however, want to be a part of whatever you’re stirring. You sending these emails to everyone is making you look irrational and I do not support or condone how you’re going about this. Immediately cease using my name I do not support your claims or accusations. 

Rebecca Bender

Apr 8 (4 days ago)

to me




Also I need you to know that the use of my name, image or likeness is an infringement of my intellectual property. An IP attorney sits with me on a board and he’s very clear that any endorsement by RBI has to be approved by our company and Board. Please do not use my name to endorse what you’re doing and the way you are going about it. You’ve made your points clear about Laurin. Now you need to let her respond. 

I’ve NOT given permission to have my name, image or likeness used to endorse the method in which this is transpiring. I personally find it unprofessional and it’s starting to appear like caddy survivor drama that many will walk away from. If you want to help uncover something for the sake of others, there are more professional manners. I suggest you seek wise council.

I’ve let Laurin know your concerns, she is getting paperwork together. You can accept what she has or still choose to not associate but that is each person’s decision once they see what she has, including my own. Your jumping from private message to private message using my intellectual property to give credibility and I will not have that. I suggest you stop the badgering of others because it is making your side look equally as unstable. 

Apr 8 (4 days ago)

to Rebecca





I received a message yesterday from a friend of mine. She is actually one of the women I learned about Laurin from. I would see Laurin on her fb posts all of the time. My friend is homeless with a little girl who is 3 years old. She is a very vulnerable woman. Her little girl is by a man who tried to pimp her out but she ran, she didn’t want to do it, but as a result she has a soft spot for prostituted women/exited women. I thought Laurin was her friend, publicly Laurin expressed concern towards my friend but my friend has been revealing things to me the past few days & finally told me today that Laurin had been bullying her privately, accusing her of having so much more than she has financially because she (my friend) was receiving some TANF payments. 

So While I have been working with my friend to get her/her daughter into public housing, Laurin has been working her for donations privately. Laurin is one sick woman to prey on a homeless vulnerable mother & I won’t rest for as long as Laurin continues to ask people to give her money. Thank Goodness I did that search to find out more about Laurin Crosson & went public with all of this. My friend is one of numerous women now I have personally heard from regarding Laurin preying on them. Thankfully she now is free from the feelings of guilt she was experiencing within that relationship with Laurin & resolving to stop sending money to her. 

Actually Rebecca,  I did you a favor by even responding to your email to begin with. I was under no obligation to do so. Your Assessment of how & when this needs to be handled is inappropriate in light of Laurin’s continuation of the Fundraising efforts & in light of the fact that you had turned a blind eye for so long. I took time out of my day, upon receiving your email message, because I have a genuine commitment to ensuring this community has a cornerstone of transparency, something that was not happening until I came into this picture. 

This situation is of an urgent nature to protect the community since Laurin has now made Two more videos since you & I talked where people are asked to donate money to Rockstarr Ministries, an illegal business. It is most probably that more lies have been told in order to get people to donate such as 

“I have been spending time preparing to leave the girls at the safe house” “There are sick & dying girls at the safe house”. Since Laurin is the Sole Employee it simply is not possible Laurin has actual rescued girls at her house while out of town. Have you spoken with any employee’s of Rockstarr Ministries to verify that in fact there are employees on a payroll? Why haven’t you told Laurin that you need names & numbers to speak with employees working at her Safe house? Why haven’t you told Laurin you need names of REAL shelters & contacts whom she places those 75 Mostly Black women at? These are things that Laurin could supply you  immediately. You are in a position more than anyone else to give her an intense timeline to meet. You could resolve this matter rather quickly by telling Laurin you will denounce her publicly if she doesn’t get this stuff to you immediately. Don’t blame me if you choose to drag all this out. That’s on you. 

That said it seems in this email you are changing your tune entirely, saying the complete opposite of what you said the other day in your emails.  You say this takes time. As I stated above I Disagree. That sounds like nothing but an excuse to me. If I were in your position there is NO WAY I wouldn’t put the utter fire under Laurin. You can take whatever course you choose but that won’t be a reflection on me, it will be a reflection on you & your ethics or lack thereof. 

Many courses of action are possible here. Laurin claims she has court on Monday. She could, in 30 seconds, snap a photo on her phone of her court document showing her children & send that to you. It’s a real simple process. You could tell Laurin that you have a Black Daughter & you won’t stand for her claiming she is being racially profiled and a Black Woman, that she must give you proof of being Black w/in 48 hours, that you will publicly denounce her if she doesn’t. 

Or you can continue not doing shit like you have been doing! 

At the end of the day Laurin has much bigger problems than women disassociating with her but you don’t get to escape responsiblity towards the members of the community you claim to serve & care about. Did you not call & warn all your friends working in survivor advocacy who might come into contact with Laurin about what you learned?  That doesn’t seem ethical to leave others at risk like that. Clearly you did not. Instead of talking shit to me & telling me that I’m irritating you why don’t you actually do something productive to put a stop to Laurin? Like notifying other advocates of the situation. 

I haven’t defamed you AT ALL EVER!  Cease & Desist What? Are you threatening me here?  You are a public figure as well & if I want to hold you accountable then that is my right. I have Only spoken well of you since we conversed on the phone, but if I do not care for you, your program or your moral stance then I am free to express that too. If you are a liar & I have proof of it then saying so isn’t defamation at all either. I am Only responsible for what I say & do and I stand by my word 100%$. Do you have that same integrity? If you don’t stand by the things you say out of your own mouth that’s simply not my problem Rebecca. 

By your own admission you didn’t take a stand all this time you have known Laurin even though you had moments of suspecting something was off. You didn’t even bother to check to see if Laurin was an actual licensed business, your decision was Only about Your convenience & Your money. You asked me to understand that you are learning & I extended that to you. I never once trashed you for big mistakes you have made including turning a blind eye & not ensuring that whomever you elevate through your program is not someone causing harm.   The other day you said you were sorry but here you are threatening me & making claims I am irrational.  Get a bit of humility here why don’t you! I contacted people directly involved in this matter & it is not my problem if they are your friends. You should have notified them yourself. If you had then Hookers for Jesus would probably not have endorsed Laurin & called everyone to pay her rent. 

When someone is actually sorry they don’t turn around & demand people do things their way some more. They make real changes that demonstrate they actually understand the harm caused. Perhaps you should pray for a bit of humility instead of sending out public messages trying to paint an image that those of us actually working to protect other women are somehow irrational or attacking Laurin or you. What a joke! 

The other day you stated in writing “I completely agree with you on all of the accounts that you listed below” along with apologies & promises to change your procedures as a result of this is all the evidence And Now Today you are stating “I do not support your claims or accusations”. Which is it Rebecca? 

Unless we are of the same mind that this circumstance is urgent in light of Laurin’s continued behaviors & victims still coming forward And equally committed to actively work to achieve the goal of getting Laurin to both Cease fundraising efforts and also Get Proof of all of her claims immediately  

1.) proof she is Black 2.) proof she has two young children 3.) proof she has a criminal record (she will be at the courthouse on Monday & could get that) 4.) proof of her Award Winning Porn (she could give you the name of that in two seconds flat 5.) proof of her board 6.) proof of employees on a payroll ETC…….Aside from the Criminal Record or Proof she is Black nothing else should take any time to produce. And again, she is going to court on Monday therefore she should be able to produce her Criminal Record on Monday since she may go in person & pick it up 

we really don’t have anything more to discuss. I emailed you ONCE with an additional request that Laurin prove she actually has children since she was asking for more money in relation to them. I emailed you because you stated to me that you are committed to vetting Laurin. If that has changed of course it will no longer be necessary for me to share any more information with you. But to say I’m irrational for sending you additional information. A One or Two Line Email is over the top Rebecca. 

If you don’t retract your public comment on that thread claiming we are being irrational or harassing I fully intend to publish All of this email communication so that everyone can know that in fact you did agree that the claims & accusations are substantiated & valid And so everyone can also know that you didn’t warn others even though you knew Laurin is engaging in illegal fundraising & that you haven’t actually put the kind of pressure on Laurin that you are in a position to put on her to ensure she is not preying on more innocent people. 

There is no hierarchy here Rebecca. You only entered my sphere of existence when I learned that you were all buddy buddy with a perpetual Con Artist so I think I will continue to rely on my own personal compass in this matter.  


P.S. You can share this with anyone!   

Apr 8 (4 days ago)

to Rebecca



Rebecca I sure hope that you have solid proof of any accusations you are making against me. If you don’t have proof that I have broken a law then I suggest YOU cease & desist

Apr 8 (4 days ago)

to Rebecca



You are now sending emails I feel are harassing & I want you to stop



And Here is a small piece of a conversation she had with my friend who was defending me on a later thread after Rebecca Bender got my email. She claimed I was engaging in criminal behaviors (Stalking) even though she was the one who contacted me & I asked her to stop emailing me then never contacted her again.

Rebecca Bender either made this particular conversation private or erased it altogether. The reason why I have included this communication is to demonstrate that these women are supporting one another even while knowing about Criminal behavior. Rebecca Bender stated outright she supports Laurin Crosson in this communication.

rebecca ann convo

I have never met Rebecca Bender & did not even know who she was prior to learning all of this about Laurin Crosson.

Here is the conversation I had with Annie Lobert. Note I have since learned Laurin might leave girls at her house while away.

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